Monday, May 21, 2018

Catching My Breath

Thursday: Feast of Ascension, lunch, grocery shopping, 
getting home late, eating left overs...
Friday: a blur (I talked to C., cleaned and remember
being exhausted) and prepared for Saturday (stew making
and biscuit baking)
Saturday: taking, with friend G, a lovely 15 year old to her 
first (and my first) Broadway show, A Bronx Tale, then cabbed to local church
for vespers and then dinner at home! 
Chicken stew with biscuits!
The only thing I want to do differently next time is simply NOT use
a whole chicken but instead use boneless chicken,
will be much faster and easier to serve, etc.
It was a lovely dinner with the 15 year old telling G and I many things
and we both really enjoyed her very much! 
Sunday: Liturgy, saying goodbye to a wonderful Romanian priest 
and his 15 year old daughter and then a very nice, cute and well planned baby shower
 for a local church friend and then dinner, 
an important talk with Husband and
watching a Walton's episode. 
Monday (today): Cleaning, laundry, dishes, preparing leftovers for dinner, etc.
Wednesday night we were rather broadsided with some further
stressful unbloggable news that coloured a lot of the days I just listed.
All I can say is that we feel less "stuck" than before and that part is good
but we are in an intense time and are grateful that so many we know and love
are praying for us. 
I am in a really busy patch of life right now but I 
have a lot to be thankful for and am reminded and have been pondering
how thankfulness makes the heart light 
even when in difficult circumstances.
Soon it will be Pentecost and then fast-free week
before the (long!) Apostles' fast...
I am preparing two tea events DV in the next 5 weeks and
am dreaming of doing a Slava for our 6th wedding anniversary in September,
Lord Willing (DV = Lord willing).
I've been tinkering with a menu for this for a while...
I am really seeing how much of what I love to do in terms of creativity is
in cooking, baking, table settings and hospitality. 
It's hard to imagine that I will be DV married 6 years in September
and that I have already known my beloved Husband for 7 years! 
I do hope to sew again soon, but tomorrow, I hope, DV, is a quiet rest day
and I hope to catch up on some paperwork that has been put aside
due to lots of other things (flights, events, AC-Pantry saga, etc).
Meanwhile, I am thankful for social media and also smart phones and the
ability to text people near and far.
I know that EACH of us are in such battles in life and that
we can be really weary 
(I have been so tired that have been practically woozy at times 
recently but am planning on 2 days of more at home-rest 
so that I can get past that, I hope!)
Meanwhile, the Ascension greeting I learned in Ottawa is:
Christ is Ascended! Ascended in Glory! 


Tracy said...

How BEAUTIFUL your table... and the Chicken Stew with Biscuits sounds soooo good! So much fun and festivity for you lately, I'm so glad! And VERY exciting of your parties and celebrations to come! But I'm sorry to know things are still a bit stressful in other corners of your life... PRAYERS coming your way! :) Hoping you can find some moments of rest and respite between it all... With MUCH LOVE, IN Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Tracy for your prayers!!!

steph said...

all you have going on makes my head spin!!! But it seems you do it all with confidence and grace. Lovely table....yummy looking food. Those cupcakes!!! WOW!!! Hope life can slow down enough for you to really smell those roses!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your post is almost making ME weary! I hope you are resting very well right now.

Also, you are making me hungry!! So much good food in your life, thank God.

Lisa Richards said...

You have been busy, indeed! I'm praying for your unbloggable challenge. Yes, life is full of so many challenges for our families. Prayer is a constant need and it's a blessing to be able to pray for those we care for. I sure do hope you get some good rest and are able to recuperate and be refreshed! You do have a gift for creative cooking and hospitality!

Mat. Anna said...

Still praying for y’all daily. I’ve been so busy recently I’m just now catching up on a week’s worth of blog posts from friends. At least I was praying even though I didn’t know what was going on! Big ((Hugs)).