Friday, May 25, 2018

Whew, what a week

This week was full of a lot of emotional whiplash,
things changing so quickly and so much, it seemed...
we are hoping that a corner is being turned in our unbloggable
situation and that things can slowly improve for good.
It's been a long hard road.
Not over yet but we have a bit of respite now, at least to some degree.


Mat. Anna said...

Big ((Hugs)). I hope things will begin to change for the better now.

Pom Pom said...

I hope everything gets ironed out very soon. Your tables always look lovely!

Paula said...

I agree with PomPom, you always set such a beautiful table. We have the bad habit of eating in the living room (happens when husband is addicted to watching the news).

Sending lots of love.

Lisa Richards said...

Ha ha. Paula made me laugh. My hubby and I ate in the living room also. TV can be a bad influence! :)
I'm glad to hear there may be some progress in your unbloggable situation. Prsise God! Praying for good things ahead for you!