Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Today with the light and the heavy/silly and serious

Well, you can see I have had fun with funny faces today in food :) 
Sometimes it's good just to be a bit 'silly' in these ways. 
So a big THANK  YOU to everyone who has commented over the last days!
It's funny how you all say 'no wonder you are in need of rest' or 'I would be tired too' 
and you all don't know the unbloggable what is every changing and
tonight I actually felt feelings of panic but was able, with God's help, to get past it
fairly quickly...  if I could talk about it, you would see how this is
amplifying the rest... but yet God is here, 
I really do have much to be thankful for 
and I am trying to take things one day at a time... 
...well today I wrote some letters, had some intentional quiet time, 
and prepared the prayer rope for my cousin S who asked me to get her
one, after seeing mine!
Also a blessing is that dear ones in my life are in Greece right now
and going to many Holy Places and praying for us at them!
That's a HUGE blessing!!! 
You all are such blessings to me too!
Thank you for being in my life and reading my blog!
May God help us all and bless us in the midst of difficulties! 
May He comfort our hearts and lighten that which seeks
to discourage our hearts... 


GretchenJoanna said...

Ordinary Wonders - I sold a copy of that title in our parish bookstore Sunday... And isn't it a good title for our everyday lives! Every moment that He gives us breath.

I had a couple of panic attacks when I was going through menopause, and I had to just sit down and take notice that I was safe, and God was with me at that moment, and let the wild thoughts and sensations calm down slowly. It can be a very physical thing that might ease a bit with a cup of chamomile tea! Just this morning my godmother wrote at 4 a.m. saying that she was having a cup while she prayed for faith to replace her worry...

God bless, strengthen, and heal your soul, Dear Elizabeth!

elizabeth said...

G-J: panic attacks are no fun! I had a full fledged one years ago when I was in Ottawa. I had some mint tea with lunch today and that was nice! We are just dealing with a difficult unbloggable and there is a lot of uncertainty/change happening or implications of this happening daily right now and it's intense and difficult. But God IS with us and we are doing the best we can with this! It really is a good book, Ordinary Wonders, and I hope to sell some at a future book sale at church as well!

Lilly's Mom said...

It's a blessing that you can enjoy light and silly when something heavy is weighing on your heart. It can be very difficult to deal with something hanging over your head and you have no control. You are so talented to provide a lovely home and delicious food to feed your soul. Hopefully, this dark cloud will soon be gone. You're an inspiration to us all. Hugs, Pat

elizabeth said...

Pat: thanks so much for your encouragement... yes, this: " It can be very difficult to deal with something hanging over your head and you have no control." ... that's the feeling we have but we are trying to figure out ways to change it and have some ability to steer in this ongoing unbloggable storm! Thank God that Christ is here with us in it!

Mat. Anna said...

That top picture made me laugh! It’s really important not to lose sight of the silly and lighthearted things, especially when you’re in such a difficult situation. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking it seriously; it means that you can separate the difficulty from your “self”.

Lisa Richards said...

I always enjoy your "food art". :)
Praying for your unbloggable needs. His grace is sufficient. :)