Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Delicious Creamy Garlic Pasta with Chicken

First, the chicken Pasta from this recipe
I made this garlic pasta chicken dish tonight! The only thing 
I did differently is used 3 cloves of garlic, sauteed in oil at the beginning,
for about a minute or so....
 Easy and delicious!!! Very savory!!! 
I would do more pasta with it next time and consider adding some veggies
 that would go well with the overall taste. It was delicious!
 I think a vegan/vegetarian version would be possible as well! 
Note: if I did more pasta and vegetables, 
I would need to increase the sauce + garlic and herbs. But it would totally be doable. 
I would have to make this in my Dutch Oven however, 
as my fry pan *just* held all of this once the pasta and chicken were added! 
I used 3 chicken breasts FYI.
and that Mat. Emily introduced me to via her blog
I think in the first year of my marriage...
my Husband LOVES this pie! 
I also managed to clean the hall bathroom!
(It really needed it, yikes!)...
It was a really nice dinner,
great conversation and discussing many ideas
and theological things within Christianity and within
A real blessing!
Tomorrow is a prep day for a non-panic routine medical test
that will be done Thursday.  I do ask your prayers for myself
and my Husband that all will go well with this.
I hope all of you had some good moments in today and that
God gives you peace in the midst of struggles you
may be having.  
May we be always under His mercy!

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