Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday, quiet and calm

This morning I woke up earlier than I had wanted to.
When I was just getting comfortable/falling asleep for 
a bit longer, I heard my Husband exclaim about the
beloved Cleo ... she got sick on his dining room chair.
Well, that did it.
Tired, I staggered out of bed, cleaned the floor, 
took the chair cover off, put it in a bathroom sink with water
to soak, put a new cover on.... then began doing some dishes,
remembered to have my prosphora and Holy Water,
was thinking of lines from prayers to the Mother of God,
while praying fretful prayers telling God that I was
aware that, well, like a toddler is when short on sleep,
I was plain cranky.  
Basically, a frantic SOS to God 
"help, I don't want this feeling to spill out"....
I put on hot water for tea, chose what tea I wanted without milk,
it being Friday, and somewhere I probably thought again about the 
Elizabeth Goudge's comment about Margaret Eliot being so tired
that she could only focus on 2 things: food and her garden.
I have been quite weary and food is one of my main thoughts,
closely seconded by making our table beautiful.
Somewhere in all of this, I did 2 loads of laundry, one of them being the chair cover,
 and in this also was a 
really sweet moment when I was in the bedroom, still 
quiet and a bit staggered with feeling tired/cranky 
I-really-need-more-sleep-before-I should-open-my-mouth,
that My Husband looked at me 
(He's a morning person and had been up a good while before me,
he is just a cheery fellow come morning)
and kindly said, 
do you need a hug? 
and I said, a little on the sad/surly side,
"no" and then "yes" and he knows me well enough to not 
expect me to talk much when I am like this 
and it was really sweet.  Hugs from Husband = gold.
I made the tea, got my breakfast, Husband got his,
I was amazed that I made it through breakfast without incident
and we actually talked about Husband's latest book listen
of the history of 1812 and Canada.
It was really nice.
And then I went back to bed.
And then I woke up happy and had a really good day.
I knew I needed more sleep :)
So, later I made lunch, managing to make 2 different ones as
I have been in a bit finicky and wanted English Muffins
with PB and banana... I did make myself eat some salad,
for dinner at least :)
And I managed to go to PT, read some Tolkien;
I felt like today we finally RESTED.
I really want more days like this.
They will come as they will but not all at once
from what I can see.
Husband has been quoting me passages from 
The Lord of the Rings
we've been listening to our favourite Tolkien music when not reading,
I quote passages of The Lord of the Rings to him (he's almost a 
book ahead of me this time around) and it's good.
So my foot is doing a lot better.
Still gets stiff and is not perfect, but not in the 
amount of pain I was in last week.
PT 3x week is helping I am sure + wearing clogs.
I still have at least 2 more loads and counting of laundry
but am accepting that just a little bit a day is OK.
I've been using a lot of lavender in our diffuser,
I find this scent comforting and it reminds me of God's presence
somehow, I guess that you can't see the scent but sense it
and so it is with God... 
I also talked to my quilting friend today, which
was a blessing.... we miss having our teas together.
She is not in danger in CA of fire but even so,
the smoke has come, she said that if you go outside
on a walk, after a bit you start coughing and your eyes sting
with the smoke haze in the air.
Lord have mercy! 
Tomorrow is going to be busier,
we will see how it will go...
I've been listening to the first part of this tonight,
as Mr Husband did not want to hear the neighour's music...
they don't have bad parties, thankfully, but you can hear 
what they are playing.
So we have been enjoying this instead:

One last thing:
I read again about Frodo and company coming to 
Tom Bombadil and Goldberry's home and 
how the door opened and the golden light streamed out the door
and how Goldberry put herself between the dark outside and the
golden light safe haven inside.
Was a real affirmation of what I experienced last night and 
realizing again how wonderful it is to have a home where
there is such warm light and love.
Tolkien really understood this and I wish our world today
knew that this light, this comfort, this place where evil can NOT enter, 
even in the midst of scary and even awful things,
this place of golden light:
is real and ultimately will prevail. 


rebekah said...

Beautifully said! I struggle a lot with being cranky in the morning. Actually, wait- no- ha, I don't struggle- I just let myself be cranky. I think I had better work on that! I love Tom Bombadil. I read once that some speculate that Tolkien meant for him to be Ilúvatar. I kind of like that idea. Some of his poems by Tom Bombadil in the extra works are so beautiful. My favorite is "Errantry," from "Tales from the Perilous Realm." That was a long comment! I stopped reading all blogs about a year ago, but I am getting back into it. :)

Mat. Anna said...

For not being a morning person I do seem to wake up first a lot. Well, the toddler wakes me, then goes back to sleep, and leaves me awake. I have tried to turn it into enjoying the quiet of the house before everyone's up and watching the sun rise. I do understand the cranky bit, as I tend to get cranky if I have done the early first chores (feed the cats, etc.) and have just sat down with my coffee when I get a text to say that "A is awake".

Lisa said...

Ah yes, today I noticed Dolly had thrown up on the couch cover, maybe yesterday evening and I didn't see it! It didn't leave a stain, thanks to Shout spray. Cats throwing up - a fact of life. :D