Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday... tired but glad

Last picture first: 
I opened my last box of brown sugar and found that
it was basically a rectangular rock.
So social media suggested apple on top of a closed 
container.  Will see how it goes!
We made it to our far-away church!
So nice to see so many again!
As things went, I ended up sleeping poorly last night
and back on the couch :( 
But one thing at a time, right? 
Had a later afternoon PLN (post-liturgical nap)
which was so needed!
We had a nice dinner of left overs
(new salad with grilled chicken and dressing from diner)
tonight... listened to the Tolkien CD # 4 (see here for 
what the box set looks like)
and wrote some cards afterwards.
Husband is reading Tolkien while I type :)
Husband has meetings in NYC tomorrow
and I have PT + a phone meeting + many
phone calls to schedule things.
Always something, right?
I've still been struggling with some anxiety
relating to our personal unbloggable hard but
am trying to take it a day at a time.
I hope you all had a peaceful Sunday!
May our Monday's meet us with kindness...

1 comment:

Mat. Anna said...

That trick definitely works with brown sugar.

It *is* always something, isn't it? Dealing with unbloggable stuff of my own and topped it off with an all-day headache. I believe I will try to salvage the evening by taking yet another dose of ibuprofen and soaking in a hot tub. Something is bound to work. ❤️

Prayers for you both as you enter the week. Glory to God for a good beginning with Liturgy.