Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blessings on a Saturday

Today was a more restful day, whew! 
Local friends gave us the kindest gift - 
good quality wool lined ear muffs for my beloved Husband 
and two wonderfully smelling soaps and an Amish cookbook for me!
It was so nice to have a day that we rested up.
I read, napped, took a hot bath...
lunch was left overs + applegate chicken nuggets and a salad.
Vespers and then dinner at our favourite diner. 
I am really grateful.
I hope you have things that you were blessed with today as well!


steph said...

playing catch up on your blog....and enjoying your latest recipes. Funny....the sour cream apple pie was on my to-make list for tomorrow afternoon!!!!!

Angie said...

A blessed day indeed,one you really need after a busy week!

elizabeth said...

Steph ~ nice! I hope to make another one soon!

2016lillies ~ thanks! yes, really needed the rest!