Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday: glad to have it

Well, I had a milestone: 
I've had so much foot pain that I was sleeping on the couch 
for weeks and weeks.  Last night I made it sleeping in bed
like was my normal life pre-ankle break.
Once I had the air cast, the bed became a source of pain +
I needed the couch's back to put my foot up on as it helped 
with the pain and discomfort. 
Here's hoping that I can continue rebuilding my normal patterns of life.
I slept more normally and had a better start.
I was tired today and my foot a bit more sore than earlier.
But one thing at a time, right?
I did some menu planning, 
I am trying to get into better routines; it often feels impossible
but I must keep trying.  We will see if I am able to 
make anything this week that is on that plan.
I have tomorrow covered - diner left overs.
Monday - freezer left overs
Tuesday - a fun date, we hope, to a restaurant we have not been to 
in over a year or more + grocery shopping. 
Wednesday - soft vegan tacos
Thursday - may be left overs or maybe the pasta sauce
I am dreaming of making (and freezing for more meals later)...
Friday - we'll see :)
I saw this article on social media and read it.
Really sad but I think quite true for many women and
it made me think, if nothing else.
I would of been there myself if still in Ottawa and unmarried.
I had burned through my savings trying to stay in the city
that I loved, the church I loved, the life I loved.
Long time readers know this already.
Then I got work, was making it though it was contact work
and not easy.  Then, in the middle of contracts and such,
I learned of, began emailing, met and later married my then future Husband.
And here I am in New Jersey, not desperate for work 
but still in our own HARD and with uncertainties that such things bring.
But the one thing that I don't think the author had as a resource
is the one thing that keeps giving me hope and a change to start over,
try again: The Church and regular Confession at church.
It's slow going, 
figuring out repentance and healing (emotional/spiritual etc) in the midst 
of the demands, confusions and exhaustion of life. 
I am longing to go past where I am, to a place where
I can have space to do crafting, reading and writing.
Yet my calendar for this week is pretty full already.
My email Inbox is constantly with over 100 unread reminders of 
something to do (I have emails read and unread for orders of importance).
I went through again today and got it down to 80,
with at least 10 reminders coming on Monday of things to do that day,
including PT and an at-home meeting.
And yet I AM one of the lucky ones.
So today we bantered as we often do
and words were thrown around like
"stud muffin" "funny muffin" "goof bucket" and 
many other things ending with "muffin" until I exclaimed,
I want to bake a muffin! 
Actually I want to bake the delicious cranberry orange bread 
that is in my little tea cookbook....
I am already thinking about 
the tea I want to make for Christmas,
the St Nicholas cookies,
Christmas cookies and the like. 
I hope I will be given the time and strenght to do 
these things... and decorate!
My Dad sent me some pictures today of 
my Mom, Sister and Brother-in-law working on 
apple sauce (2 bushels) and it was just wonderful seeing
pictures of HOME... I've really been missing everyone
and it was nice to see these pictures.
I pray that each of you has a peaceful night and 
a blessed Sunday!

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Mat. Anna said...

Many ((hugs))! I had no idea you had been sleeping on the couch that long. This is a milestone indeed!

I remember when you were in Ottawa. That brought back a lot of memories.

May the Lord bless you and give you peace this week!