Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Noah: prayer emergency

FB update on Noah:

Kate Estes
Jeff (Kate's husband) here. Noah's central line (broviac) came out a little over an hour ago. This is a true emergency. It has taken a while to sort out, but Noah will be admitted to the children's hospital in Columbia SC where they can put in a new dual lumen line. 911 has now been called. They will start an IV, take him to the local hospital, and that hospital will send him to Columbia. He has no access to fluids, medicine, calories/sugar, pain meds, etc. right now. He will probably have surgery tonight.

We have never been to this hospital and since Kate will be in the ambulance I will not be with them. Please pray for the paramedics, for Noah, for Kate, and for the doctors/surgeon.
Kate will update.

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