Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quiet Saturday

Cleo is sitting near me.

This head cold has me sleeping much of the day

and night.

Outside my apartment people are working

in the hallways,

tearing up carpet.

Cleo has been distressed by the noise

but I look at her and tell her

Cleo, it's okay.

I have my lampada burning bright

to St. George

for some dear BC friends.

When I am sick I can still burn

a candle in prayer.

It may not seem like a lot

but I know that the very light

burning steady and bright

for them

is enough

and that God is holding vigil with them

and that God and the Theotokos

and the Saints

protect and over shadow us

and that God's mercy is there

in our times of weakness

and distress.


Victoria said...

I love pictures of your prayer corner. reminds me of that scripture: surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses...

Maria said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

RW said...

Thanks E.
prayers much appreciated -