Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happiness on the Eve of Lent

It is almost Lent.
I've been enjoying my pictures I took of last
Dormition Fast and Feast...
I am going to need new pictures soon
to be in the right season...
I wrote a who is my
beloved Orthoman post
on my new blog,
in case you wanted more information
and/or wanted or needed assurance
that I have the support of my family and friends
and of both of our spiritual fathers
regarding my Orthoman and I's
steady progress towards
I am slowly reading different books on marriage
and Orthoman and I are working through
one of the books together.
We talk about real issues of our lives
and we work through things
as we learn to communicate.
It really takes a lot of energy, time, commitment,
forgiveness and love.
I've talked to various friends about their marriages
now and also just over the years
that I have known them
and have gotten a lot of beautiful and concrete
advice from them.
I am very blessed.
Tomorrow Great and Holy Lent begins.
So today I want to ask for forgiveness
for any way I may have hurt, offended or in anyway
been unkind.
Please forgive me, a sinner.


Maria said...

Very happy for you! How wise of you to prepare for marriage in this way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth, forgive me, a sinner.

God forgives.

B. Joanna

Janelle thegeekywife said...


(that's me shouting in happiness)

Michelle M. said...

Blessed Lent to you (and your OrthodMan!).