Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning my eyes toward Christ

Read this tonight and was not only

reminded of the truth but


"Have you ever thought how infectious fear can be?

It spreads from one person to another

more quickly and certainly

than any of the fevers we know so well.

You can refuse the spirit of fear,

which never comes to us from God.

(And if He does not send it to us, who does?).

Instead, open your heart wide to the

spirit of "power and love and a calm

and well-balanced mind and

discipline and self-control

(2 Timothy 1:7 Amplified).

Because fear is so infectious, let us, for the sake

of others and ourselves,

refuse it.....

When we are downhearted or fearful or weak, we are saying to


(by the way we look and by our timidity, if not by our words),

"After all, the Lord can't be absolutely trusted."

We have a Saviour who has never once failed us.

He never will fail us.

He has loved and led and guarded us all these years."

-Amy Carmichael

You are my hiding place


Lord have mercy.

Boy do I need lent.

Fall and get up, fall and get up...


I can be doing okay with the anxiety

or well,

kind of okay and then

wham! head cold and uncertainty

and well,

I needed the reminder



Lord help us

and forgive us.

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E Helena E said...

with love and thanks again for this