Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peaceful Beautiful Friday Evening

Old picture of the time during the Dormition Fast.
Well, I am so relieved to finally be able to have
announced how my life is changing.
Just a note -
I realized tonight that I forgot to change the RSS
feeds for my new blog
and I have fixed this and it is now
subscribable via google reader.
You're all invited there;
I am going to keep comments off on it
for a while
to give myself some time to adjust to everything,
but comments will stay on this blog
and I,
as you can see,
am not forsaking my beloved first Orthoblog! :)
Hard to imagine that God willing
my life will be different after next
Dormition Fast,
Lord Willing.
I spent the evening with my close dear friend
who is really my
and we talked about my plans and we
both can't imagine me leaving.
I don't even want to think about that part sometimes.
I mean really,
Cleo is the cutest cat of all of Canada
but what if there is a cat in the States who is cuter?
The disappointment may be quite overwhelming
for my dear Cleo Cat
darling of all she surveys.
 Still waiting to hear about the contract job.
Last heard is that the paperwork is now in process
but still don't know the outcome of the
So that means I don't have to go to work on Monday.
given the amount of laundry I need to do,
that I have to go grocery shopping
and that I need to do paperwork
not starting this Monday is not bad.
Besides being the first fully day of Lent.
With everything that is going on for me
it is going to be a challenge to
do Lent properly.
How does one do Lent, a potential new job
and continued moving and wedding logistics?
It's not like I am waiting to the last minute to do either.
one thing at a time
and I am going to try to really treasure this last Lent
that God willing I have in Ottawa
with my church family and spiritual father.
I can't wait DV to stand in church with my spiritual father
and our Deacon and all my church family
for the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete.
Lord have mercy and help our Lent to be fruitful!


Donna Witek said...

Your description of Cleo's potential disappointment when she reaches the States is just adorable :) I think that means she wins even here--cutest cat to soon live in the States? :)

Beth said...

Oh my goodness. What wonderful news! Congratulations to you. How exciting to follow you on this journey. Where will you be moving? Every happiness to you. And a joyous Lent. Peace and goodness. Beth