Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspired to plan ~ Nativity through Theophany

Mat. Emily always delights with her lists for 
This year I realized it would do me good to make my own list
for my second Nativity Fast with Mr. Husband.
I am thinking a lot these days about how to incorporate 
the Fasts and Feasts into our lives.
Here's what I came up with from Nativity Fast-Theophany,
old calendar. 
November 28: Thanksgiving Day ~ go to prayers or liturgy for Thanksgiving. Special dispensation for a fish day when the fast starts on Thanksgiving (as it does in 2013).
November 29: Fun! Family visiting.
November 30: Fun! Family visiting.
December 1 : Sunday Liturgy.  Begin reading Christmas book with Mr. Husband.
December 2 : Change coffee table to Christmas Colours. 
December 3: Work on St. Nicholas Gifts.
December 4: Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God ~ Go to liturgy.  Remember my Oma and do something in her name for another person. 
December 5: Put out two Nativity Icons.
December 6: Prepare for St. Katherine’s Day (meal, find prayers, clean icon).
December 7: St. Katherine’s Day ~ honour her icon, light candles by it and pray for those esp with her name.  Pray prayers to her.  Make a special meal in her honour.  
December 8: Sunday Liturgy. 
December 9: Work on St. Nicholas and Christmas gifts, plan and shop for special meal for Kursk Root Icon. Start praying parts of Akathist for this icon in the evening.
December 10: Kursk Root Icon ~ Special meal for Kursk Root Icon and remembering the healing of St. Seraphim as a child. 
December 11:  Work more on Christmas gift plans.
December 12:  Christmas Gift shopping for the short people in our lives.
December 13: Put out the Nativity Books.
December 14:  Begin listening to Christmas music 
December 15: Sunday Liturgy. 
December 16: Plan special meal for St. Nicholas Day Dinner and do grocery shopping for meal and for St. Barbara Day also.
December 17: Great Martyr Barbara ~ put out icon of St. Barbara and pray for those with her name.  Read Chesterton's poem on St. Barbara.  Bake Saint Nicholas Cookies and prepare treats for shoes. Have a special dinner for St. Barbara.
December 18: Finish Preparing for St. Nicolas Day ~ if possible go to vigil for St. Nicolas Day or pray the Akathist to St. Nicholas, put out St. Nicholas Icon
December 19: Saint Nicholas Day ~ Go to liturgy and give out goodies ~ Sister’s Birthday
December 20: Begin listening to Christmas music and put out coffee table sized Christmas Tree.
December 21: Christmas preparations and planning; plan for birthdays and names days in near future.
December 22: Sunday Liturgy and Family Visiting. 
December 23: Special Baking and Knitting.
December 24: Special Baking and Knitting.  Planning special meal for St. Herman’s Day.
December 25: Saint Spyridon and Saint Herman ~ honour these Saints, put out their icons, pray special prayers to them.  Read books on these Saints.  
December 26: St. Lucia ~ Search for icon for her for next year and research books on her.
December 27: Have time spent with ones dear to us, Special baking.
December 28: Have time spent with ones dear to us, remembering to pray for those who are far.
December 29: My Birthday ~ special meal with loved ones near by.
December 30: Mr. Husband’s Name Day ~ special meal planned.
December 31: Enjoy civil holiday with Mr. Husband either at home or at a monastery.  If home make special lenten food.
January 1:  New Years Day.  If possible be at a monastery.  If not then spend special time with Mr. Husband and others; have a special meal. Do prayers of Thanksgiving for the new year (on the civil calendar).
January 2: St. John of Kronstadt’s Day ~ honour his icon, do prayers to him, read his book.  Plan Christmas Dinner for Second Day of Christmas.
January 3: Plan, prepare and shop for Holy Supper and Christmas.  Buy a special wine for Holy Supper and the Christmas Season.
January 4: Pack things for Holy Supper including special table cloth, candles and candle holder. Bake for Holy Supper.
January 5: Last minute grocery Shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Print prayers for Holy Supper.  Bake. Prepare borsht for the Holy Supper.
January 6: Prepare Holy Supper ~ table cloth, candles and meal.  
Have Holy Supper and Christmas Eve Vigil.  
January 7: Christmas! Spent at church and with special friends. 
January 8: Second Day of Christmas. Special dinner and opening gifts if not opened on Christmas night.
January 9: Third Day of Christmas. Have a special Christmas Dinner with friends.
January 10: Fourth Day of Christmas. 
January 11: Fifth Day of Christmas.
January 12: Sixth Day of Christmas.
January 13: Seventh Day of Christmas.
January 14: Eighth Day of Christmas.  Circumcision of Christ and St. Basil’s Day ~ make cake for St. Basil and a special meal.
January 15: Ninth Day of Christmas. St. Seraphim ~ clean and honour his icon, read from a book on St. Seraphim, do prayers for him. Pray esp. for all those known whose name day it is.
January 16: Tenth Day of Christmas.
January 17: Eleventh Day of Christmas.
January 18: 12th Day of Christmas. Vigil for Theophany.
January 19: Theophany ~  Liturgy and Meal with friends. 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That's very thorough! I need to do likewise....

Lisa said...

You must add one more thing to your list - on Dec. 4th, you must pray for me a little, because that's my birthday. :)

Anna said...

Thank you to you and Mat. Emily for these list ideas! So helpful for preparing thoughtfully for a season too easily taken over by rush-rush-rush. With all these prompts, I'll enjoy planning (and posting) my own list this year :)

Martha said...

I'm really looking forward to spending time with you in December! ♥ XO