Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

Summer is slowly going into Autumn;

Ottawa has had surprisingly cool weather;

Michigan is still quite warm, so I am packing summer clothes for sure!


Am still working on plans for my stay

I have not been home in August since the year of my chrismation;

I was chrismated

6 years ago on this day;

where do the days go?!

Listened to the podcast on distractions in prayer again;
it is such a jewel of a podcast...
I was struck by Frederica's explanation of the huge problem of
loneliness that we have in North America.
Her explanation of how we culturally have separated ourselves
from each other
by buying the lie that we are
cool independent rebel self-sufficient lone-ranger
has contributed to not living in community
and not knowing how to relate to God
who is right here with us,
not somewhere down the block at a distance.
We need community.
We need a church family.
We need a godly spiritual father or spiritual mother.
We need the sacraments of the church,
including the sacrament of confession,
which brings us back into the full community
and communion of the Church.
How much I hope I myself will remember this,
I who live with only with my Cleo Cat.
How wonderful it is to not seek to be independent of others
to not be a rebel
to instead,
as Fr. Thomas Hopko speaks of in his 55 maxims,
to be an ordinary person, part of the human race.


RW said...

interesting thoughts.

community is found in many places.
for those who do not belong in a community of fellowship they crave to create community in other ways. we who have connections to all those who are walking their paths - we must reach out and be present to them where we find them.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Happy Chrismation anniversary!
We try to remember the anniversary of our baptisms in our family, too!

I totally agree with you about community. I wish that we all lived in the same physical community... wouldn't that wonderful?!

margaret said...

A hieromonk I admire very much warns against the solitary life (for monastics) because of selfishness. As a non-monastic who lives alone with two cats I sometimes find it hard not to make myself the centre of the universe.

elizabeth said...

RW- thanks.

Mat E - thanks! Yes, I like to remember these anniversaries; I think it is important!

It would be lovely if we all lived closer!

M- I hear you. It is a huge struggle...

Meadowlark Days said...

Many years on your chrismation anniversary!

I would love more community but it is so hard to find and establish. :-(