Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday, Sunny Sunday...

Mr. Husband and I had
out first outdoor's meal...
We have a courtyard that is now usable now that it
is warmer....
I've had this book of
Flannery O'Connor's letters
the habit of being
for a while,
over a year.
I think actually I got it the
first time ever that I went to NYC.
They have been lovely to read
and I quoted some to Mr. Husband over dinner.
She has a wonderful sense of humour.
I have started another knitting project.
I've seen this called startitis,
the beginning of things but not finishing.
But my first baby blanket is done
(except the knitting in the loose threads)
and I've finished some things.
And I am well on my way to being done with my
second baby blanket.
The new project I am doing is knitting free-style
squares that I want to stitch into a blanket.
Mr. Husband and I have dubbed this blanket my first
So we stayed in town this weekend
and went to our near-by church.
I had my knitting at coffee hour... :)
Mr. Husband and I have been married 7 months now.
I am just beginning to see or be able to articulate to myself
what a huge change it was to get married and move
all at once.
Rather put me in shock,
which knowing me is not a surprise.
When I think about the stories I've read about
grief and even when someone loses a loved one who is very ill
and the death is a long time coming,
when it comes it is still a shock,
as if totally unexpected.
It kind of was like that for me.
We all knew it was happening;
I blogged about it and
had a blog for it
but yet when it happened
it was joyful but also very new
everything all at once
new place, country, state, church, home
even a new kitchen;
my old dishes I had given away, my cups, silverware ~ all from IKEA
and bought in Ottawa.
I kept my pots and pans that I had from my parents and
my China
the blue and white China I have I got a garage sale for 5.00
and my other China was my Grandmother's old set....
I've been reflecting on this the last little while
as God-willing I and Mr. Husband will be going to our second
wedding as a married couple this July.
I can tell how big a change it is in part
as I don't quite feel myself yet in many circumstances.
I am a bit shy.
This is not really me.
But this IS me when I've just been through a huge shock or change.
I eventually feel myself out of it
and it will be fine.
I've been through this before,
when I was in 4 different places and 3 countries for 4 consecutive fall/winter
semesters in my early undergrad years.
this is showing me that I've really been in a huge
transition and that it is okay to take time and
that lots of patience is needed.
Sometimes the most patience
is needed for one's self.
I am half-way through reading
Everyday Saints
and it is such a wonderful and worthy read.
And a very kind read, kind to everyone.
Instructive, encouraging and consoling.
Wishing everyone who is a
Mother, Godmother, Matuska or otherwise a Mother
a wonderful day today.
May God encourage and comfort us.
Christ is Risen and is with us.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A blessed day to you all, Elizabeth!

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!
Dining out-of-doors - what a blessing of springtime. I hope you get the chance many more times. God bless you and your husband.