Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, Hot and Sunny ~ with reflections on things read

The above are the squares I have done
so far plus the other yarns I hope to use for this blanket.
Today is a tired day.
Mr. Husband is home,
we are eating simple ~ salads, almonds and baked potato.
While I am really tired today,
I am honestly grateful that I have the opportunity to rest
and be in a peaceful place.
I am making good progress on the book
on Abbess Thaisia.
She built an incredible female Orthodox convent
in her time as Abbess,
plus other churches as well.
It is hard to believe that within two years of her
falling asleep in the Lord
the Russian Revolution of 1917 happened.
The Orthodox church was quickly under attack,
priests, bishops and monastics (monks and nuns)
were killed, churches and monasteries
It has been wonderful to read the book
Everyday Saints
because it gives an idea to us of what was
going on during this time.
Mr. Husband is well-versed in history and
has a better memory than I.
We have talked together about the
similarities of the French Revelation
and the Russian Revelation
in terms of it's awful desecration and destruction of
churches, monasteries and murdered clergy.
I do not know why I was never taught this.
Why I never knew that the Church was under such
attack during these times.
I have known about the persecution of Christians in Russia
before communism fell
yet every time I read about it I am shocked.
This blog in general is one in which I do not write about
these things ~ but yet ~ I think it is so
important that we know about them.
Mr. Husband has said many times that
these times in history were ultimately
satanic and I cannot disagree.
Our world here is changing quickly;
we are so spiritually weak.
Things are increasingly
not to mention anti-human dignity
and it seems against all forms of traditional living
(including farming, bee-keeping).
It is a fight to the end to be a Christian;
the temptations are often subtle and
sometimes not so subtle!
But with God there is always hope...
not the promise that things will be easy
but that God is with us.
This new post on God as our Father
is a comfort to us...
Lord have mercy on us!
Lord save and protect us!

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