Monday, June 03, 2013

All is unraveled, raveled and beautiful

I came to church yesterday morning
and my first thought when I saw the icons
were how beautiful church is
and then I realized at long last the iconostasis
had been installed
and added such a deep beauty to the church
that it was dazzling.
It is stained a darker tone of stain but with a lot of 
light in the colour...
simple, with a hint of rustic and an unstated elegance
would be how I would describe it...
I forgot to take my camera...
I had been knitting the night before and 
all of a sudden found a huge unraveling dropped stitch
and I was surprisingly troubled by it. 
Thankfully just the one for knitting surgery was
there for us the next morning for the day...
I've now seen how to re-weave a dropped stitch...
I've been really tired
since my trip last weekend;
naps daily; some insomnia going on;
makes everything a bit of a blur. 
I started on the blue scarf.
It is OK but I had left my size 11 needles 
at a friend's last weekend
and I think for this yarn I prefer a needle that is 
bigger than the size 8 I was using.
The orange scarf is for my godson.
It is done and just has to be bound off.
We managed to quickly see it on a cute one from
church yesterday
to confirm that the size is perfect.
Above is my beloved now returned 11 needles
I am doing another square for my 
yarn quilt blanket.
I still have to decide what yarn to use
to sew it together once all the squares are done.
Mr. Husband and I left at 8 AM and 
did not get back until about 9 PM last night...
I was very tired and we only managed to light our 

'emergency' icon candle...
I went to a bridal shower with many from my 
church and others as well.
It was really nice.
I am slowly getting to know people;
the hardest thing is that we are over 1 hour drive away
from them all.
It was good to be home.
To see St. Matrona in the kitchen
and St. Xenia.
I love this line in the story about St. Matrona:

She required that everyone who came to her wear a cross throughout their lives.
Wearing our Cross is an act of faith, 
is a protection for us
and is for our salvation.
Not wearing a Cross is like going to 
the front-line of a war with
no armor or anything else needed.
I am missing the beauty of the countryside
we were in last weekend.
I just love it.
I miss it.
I wish to go back to it...
It is so beautiful. 

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Michelle M. said...

Beautiful photos. I hope you'll take a photo of the iconostasis next time. :)

Please rest as you can. Praying for you.