Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinner for my very loved Mr. Husband

My beloved celebrated
an anniversary of his baptism
of some wonderful number of years ago
last night.
I was so excited to have a small dinner
party for him in his honour.
In the end it was one
long-time friend of his
who came for the meal
and it was a great time of discussing
books, math, the working world,
kids, reading, music making, and I even
got to quote from Kathleen Norris'
Cloister Walk
that I am re-reading again,
much to my personal refreshment.

Colourful bright roses,
a bread chosen by Mr. Husband
(sun-dried tomato with olive oil),
A bowl of fruit with cream,
salad with goats cheese, golden raisins
and a balsamic vinaigrette,
Chicken Ala King
and a small cheesecake. 

The cream was made with
organic heavy whipping cream, powder sugar and
a bit of triple sec
(next time I will add more of this ~
adds to the loveliness of
the cream).
It whipped up in no time using
the whisk in my kitchen-aid mixer at full speed. :)

We started with salad,
moved into the chicken with rice
and ended with the fruit salad and
cheese cake.
Our dinner guest supplied a sweet
dessert wine
of which I had only a taste but it was lovely.

It was Holy Spirit Day.

We used my Grandmother's dishes.

The brightness of the roses
speaks towards the brightness of the Feast.
So many gifts shown here.
Including that my husband
even on his anniversary
is loving towards me ~ he cut up the strawberries,
prepared the salad
while I choose the dishes, bread platter and
using our silverware that
we found together last October.
The beautiful flower vase was our first
gift as a couple.
The greatest gift is that of the giving
of the Holy Spirit.
Today is the third day of the Pentecost and
we await with longing the deepening
that only God's Merciful Holy Comforting Spirit
can provide.


E Helena E said...

How very beautiful!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I do love your dinner parties!