Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A quiet Tuesday

It's been quiet around here today.
I've been thinking about quilting and
how Mat. Anna is doing it.
Some day I may learn to sew or even quilt;
it is sounding more fun all the time!
I am continuing my learning to knitting.
I am working on a blanket
made up of squares
while thinking about other projects I hope to do
or finish
(like the 15 scarves by Christmas
for nieces and nephews).
I just discovered another yarn website that
I can get some yarn at even better prices
for some things.
But first I had to remind myself of what
I have in my stash.
So I put it all on the couch! :) :)

I realized I had more of somethings
than I thought!

I reminded myself that I need to get going on those
orange scarves for my three Ottawa munchkins
and was so happy to find three skeins of baby wool yarn:
It will be so fun to use these for
family and friends!
I also figured out that I have enough yarn
for my yarn quilt
and for some of my other projects.
I am loving Google Drive's spreadsheets.
Yes, I love them.
I now have a list of my knitting purchases to see
the cost of things,
another one for my knitting projects and due dates
and it is proving helpful for my BC trip plans
as well.
So that is what is going on in my neck of the woods.
What's going on in yours?

1 comment:

Paula said...

have you been to knitpicks.com ? Being in the States it's an even better place for you because you can get the free shipping. I've never been disappointed with the yarns from there.