Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Faith @ Home

 I've been wanting to write
more on
celebrating the feasts and fasts
and bringing them into our homes.
So I am creating a series
for that purpose.
I have been blessed to have almost 10 years in the church
and have called 5 churches home in that time
(I started as a student and have moved many times, FYI).
One of the neat things of this is that
I have come to see how the
various ethnic traditions within
Orthodoxy have brought
the feasts and fasts to their homes.
I really love how Orthodoxy is flexible
and vast enough to
incorporate many cultures
and really meet these cultures,
respecting them and transforming them.
I have been very inspired by monasteries
 I have visited.
I wish my house was as orderly,
clean and prayerful as these!
(For me this will be a life-long effort!)
When I was dating Mr. Husband I had a very formative talk
with a very prayerful woman about a family she knew
who brought the feasts into their home
through various liturgical rhythms of the home,
including colours and what one brings to the dinner table.
I saw that in real practical ways we can seek
to bring our Orthodox faith into our homes.
I've also deeply loved being at the houses
of Orthodox friends and seen how they
have brought their faith into their home.
I have written before of the
couple in my Ottawa parish
whose home I visited a couple years ago
and how my vision of what an Orthodox home
can look like was solidified and
I saw a unity that I desire for my home
with Mr. Husband.
One of the things I love about the Orthodox blog
community is how we share our lives and
how we live them.
So I would love to hear from you how
you bring Orthodoxy into your home!
I hope my posts can be cheering and
above all that they can point back
to the reason we want to bring
our faith into our homes:
to love and seek our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ. 


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

I love this idea! How typically thoughtful and librarian-ful of you to want to collect and share this kind of knowledge and understanding of our faith and traditions. There's a lovely thread just about traditions on entering & leaving the home at

elizabeth said...

Thanks Anna! Your encouragement means a lot to me! What a great link!!!