Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautiful Blanket Squares

I am working on squares for the
September School Blanket.

It has come time that I am now knitting some
smaller ones to fit it all together.
I have ordered more yarn and am
excited to knit a few more
red and green squares
once it comes!
(Ravelry here)
Every night I read the readings
of the day from the
Prologue of Ochrid.
This expert has stuck with me:

Fear in suffering and fear of not suffering -this is one and the same fear and it signifies the fear of a spiritual man as to whether or not God has distanced Himself from him. When St. Catherine suffered many and difficult tortures, our Lord appeared to her and she asked Him: 'Where were You until now, 0 Lord, to comfort me in so many sufferings?" The Lord answered her: ' I was here in your heart.' But as great a fear can come upon a spiritual man when, sufferings do not come his way for a long time. A monk once entered a church in Alexandria and saw a woman kneeling before the icon of the Savior and weeping tears cried out to the Lord: 'You have abandoned me O Lord, O Merciful One, have mercy on me!" Following the prayer the monk asked her: Who has wronged you that you so bitterly complain to God?" The woman replied: "Up to now, no one has wronged me, that is why I am weeping because God has abandoned me and for three years did not visit me with any sufferings. During this time, I was neither sick, nor my son, nor has any of my household livestock perished."
(from June 8).
What are you creating and reading?
Yarn along with us!


flyingjen said...

For me the worst part of blankets with squares is the stitching up part. I love the way yours is pieced together. Can't wait to see the finished project!

karen said...

the blanket will be beautiful with all of those colors! I too shy away from lots of sewing, but that doesn't stop my admiration :)

EMMA said...

That's going to be a very colorful blanket.

Unknown said...

What a sweet gift. I also find seaming to take quite a bit of time. Good luck!

Cheryl said...

I think I'm the odd one out here. I quite enjoy sewing up knitted squares. It's the tantalizing "taste" of a project almost finished which just keeps me going. Beautiful blanket!