Monday, June 17, 2013

New iconostasis in my far-away church

As mentioned,
we have a new iconostasis at my far-away church.
It is really beautiful...

Beauty will save the world.

Reminds me of how our lives are a
process and that God has so much beauty to put in our lives
but it takes time, effort and a lot of waiting.

{FYI, if your church needs any wood work like this,
contact me as church-woodworkers are always in need of more work.}
The feast of the Ascension is a wonderful one to
keep in one's home!
Praying the troparion and kontakion
is a wonderful way to keep the feast in our daily lives!
Someday Mr. Husband and I hope to have icons of all 12 Feasts
but at least we can keep the Feast in prayer!
A priest said to us once,
Christ is ascended,
our lives should be winged with flight of Christ's 
Resurrection and Ascension!
We should be flying instead of crawling!
May God help us!


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Anny said...

I love the icon photos you post- They are so beautiful. I would love to learn more about icons and celebrating the feast days. Do you have any recomendations?

Anny said...
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Martha said...

The church in Ottawa did the same thing, had blank spaces and then slowly added icons to the iconostas!