Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Knitting Questions

So I have been practicing purl stitches
and doing stockinette...seemed to be working well.
Picture above shows the work I was doing and I think I was
doing it right (the above picture to me looks like I did
the correct row of purl and then garter stitch)
but then I discovered I did something wrong ~ see next picture...

The other side shows what to me looks like a
row of purls on the flat stockinette side.
So what did I do wrong?
Is it possible to flip and start on the wrong side?

Have been enjoying looking at this book on knitting.

This bag is really cute!
I don't understand one thing though ~
a lot of the instructions say,
like the one above,
with size 7 needles and A, cast on 73 sts.
What is A?
Updated: one of my friends helped me see that A
is the first yarn colour!
Whew... now only to find out my mistake,
which I am sure is a simple rookie one...
Any thoughts, explanations or otherwise helpful bits?
Do let me know...


willfulmina said...

You accidentally knit a whole row instead of purling it.

willfulmina said...
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willfulmina said...
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willfulmina said...

So sorry about that!

Anny said...

Just a little tid-bit of advice that has helped me to keep my place in the directions-especially when I fist began knitting.
Use two large magnets(like the ones they send you in the mail for advertising.) Use it to underline the line you are currently working on and use the second magnet on the back side of the page to keep it in place. They sell the little "place keepers" at knitting stores as well. Best of luck-you'll just keep getting better! :)