Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I gladdened my librarian heart
by finally making a recipes tab for my blog
and adding a Google search button for my blog
so things are more easily searched.
Just thought I'd mention it to make it plain! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Elizabeth, could you post how you made the recipe tab? I really need to do this for my blog, for my books!

elizabeth said...

I had to upgrade to the new version of blogger. Then I made pages. You go to the left hand column next to your posts in the 'inside view' of your blog. There will be a tab called 'pages'. click on that and then click on the 'make a new page'... you can save the page in draft form and publish it when you are happy with it. I really love that you can preview the page before making it live and if something is drastically wrong, one can revert it to draft and fix it! I would love to see a page with all your book reviews!!! this would be wonderful!!

Another thing that really helped me in this was that I added the search button to my page so I could search it to easily find all the recipes (or most of them) for the page I was creating. You could do the same for books... :)