Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Early Evening ~ Knitting and other home spaces...

Lots done today on the home front...
my knitting space...
once we get more organized
(I am hoping by July or August)
I may have a bit of a better space.
For now,
my yarn lives in two cubbyholes in
our coffee table:

and in a basket and some finished work in a
magazine holder :)

And my needles (and yarn, projects) are here:
My needles are in the pencil bag and mostly in
one of my love mug boxes.
(sadly one of the mugs lost it's handle this week
due to it's falling off table onto our wood floor).
I find this sad :( but it is only a mug...
I keep the needles in the original packages
and keep the packages in needle number order.
So it is quick and simple, easy to access and use!

I love my little kitchen corner... 

And my two vintage spice racks;
left one was my Oma's and the right one my Mom's.

The latest drawing from one of my
beloved Ottawa munchkins!

Can you believe we are pretty much halfway
through June?
Lord have mercy on us!
Speaking of needing God's mercy:
we need to pray for everyone in Greece ~
what a hard time they are having!
See here and here for more details.
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy!


Michelle M. said...

I love those spice racks! I also cannot believe that we are halfway through June... where did the month go?!

Paula said...

I'm in the midst of organizing my (admittedly larger) yarn/fabric stash. It MUST be done by the end of summer/start of school.

Love the spice racks. Mine I made in grade 7, but the jars belonged to a dear sweet cousin of my grandma's but to us she was more like a great aunt. It's so sad how few people remember her any more and I don't really know how to pass those memories on to Ella.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How wonderful to have spice racks belonging to two generations!

elizabeth said...

Paula ~ I think you can pass the memories on by telling her stories, showing her the jars... my Grandma told me stories of her parents and grandparents as a child and they stuck with me for life and were very real and alive for me.

Thank you Elizabeth!