Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Yarn Along ~ Lessons of two light blue scarves

Finished Scarf ~ lace like, soft and dynamic in movement
for older niece.
Done on size 11 needles, needing 1 skein of yarn.
Ravelry here.

I learned that knitting in the same yarn
but with smaller needles makes a
tighter weave and requires more yarn.
I like the drape of the first one,
with size 11 needles,
but think that the smaller WIP scarf
will be more suited for the niece I am making it for ~
a much younger one who needs something a bit
more sturdy...
Ravelry for the new scarf here.
I have started a book on Elder Cleopa,
a well loved Romanian monastic ~
it is a very interesting and instructive read.
I also just discovered a
blog with some great recipes for
things without gluten and sugar...
I am always interested in various diets for health
and this blog is simple beautiful!
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn along with us!


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Isn't it nice to discover the variations that can be achieved with different yarns, different needles and different techniques? I'm sure the scarf will be loved. :)

PKJ said...

Isn't it interesting the big changes those "little" details can create?
I love your experiment.

justamouse said...

I love that color! And when my girls were younger, I made them the same small sized scarves and you are right, they are studier.

Sarah said...

Oh, it is so true! I am finding that I have become such a loose knitter that I need to go down a needle size to achieve the right gauge most of the time for this very reason! I used to ignore the gauge process but now that I have moved into more kid garments I pay much more attention to it!

I love kids in scarves. They are so cute.

Creative Design said...

Details are everything. Visiting from Yarn Along.


Erin said...

what great things you are learning! Good job!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! I am so happy to be learning every day! Things are in the details it seems! :)