Friday, June 07, 2013

Rainy Friday ~ home, NYC and pondering blankets

I and many others prayed for my
Ottawa deacon's son N. who had surgery this morning
and for my friend's father's surgery.
On days like this I light my biggest prayer candles....

It is raining here,
since late last night.
My heart sunk when I read about
tropical storm Andrea. 

I light many lampadas.
I am supposed to go to NYC this afternoon
for a doctor's appointment.
I could use some prayer about my travel
and for further healing...

Our Basil plant.
Mostly alive and a beautiful green... 

The rose bush is still with us,
I really love this one
that Mr. Husband got me on the day we came home
as newly married.

So I have a good number of the squares for
my blanket.

I am wanting to have more colours in it;
would like some orange and perhaps
greens and burnt red.
Basically more variety that there is so far.
Open to suggestions! 
It is for a 5 year old boy I know in NJ
at one of my churches here.
I am learning to purl and actually did some
stockinette stitches yesterday!
I need to learn this so I can use the various types of
stitches to make things like
slippers, hats, mittens, maybe even a sweater one day.
Okay, well it is raining.
Time for lunch.
Time to get ready to try to go to NYC.
Please pray for me and all of us that
no really bad storms come...

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

God bless you and keep you all safe!

I love the colours for your squares!