Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Icons, lunch, hobbling, Cleo ~ or a Wednesday in June

So one of my blog friends asked about 
icons and feast days.
This is a large topic and one of course
that I am really interested in.
I am going to write, God-willing,
some blog posts on the topic.
First I am going to point to a few places of information.
Go here, here, or here for more on the main feasts of the church.
The first thing that I am going to say on this topic is this:
all the feasts of the Orthodox Church are 
about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I am going to do some more praying and thinking about
this topic as I am very committed to bringing
the Orthodox faith,
feasts and fasts,
into the home.
Meanwhile, for all my friends who also love this topic,
feel free to comment or email me about how you
see feasts and fast brought into the home.
I am really excited to write more, God-willing, about this
as it is something I care very deeply about!
So 'stay tuned' as they say...
Mr. Husband is home and we had a simple lunch.

Broccoli and guacamole, chips,
bananas, salad, nuts...  

The poor broken-handled love mug!

Toast for Mr. Husband. 

I am sad to say I am hobbling a bit these days.
Stubbed two toes on Monday
and they bruised up so nicely,
as you can see.
Not too much pain (worst at night)
so don't think they are broken...

Cleo the Cat is loving lounging! 
I finished off the green square for my
September School Blanket this morning!
So what have you been up to today?
Would love to hear!


Heather L. said...

oh dear! Your poor toes!!! Your lunch sounds nice though! Will certainly be letting everyone know how the books turn out!

Martha said...

Mmm...that guac looks homemade! Cleo is so cute!!! ♥ I hope your toes feel better soon.