Thursday, June 06, 2013

Cleo, bright blue, project possibilities and a great Android App

The Blue Scarf for a young niece is done!
I can tell I am getting faster in knitting...
while this was a smaller scarf,
I still finished it in 6 days.

Cleo found this one of interest! :)
I am pleased with it.

These photos capture the bright blue a bit better
than my yarn along photos.

It's really a cheery blue,
perfect for one of my littler nieces :)

Durable too.
Ravelry here.
Cleo always loves knit things,
come to think of it.
Especially knit blankets... :)
Found this great Ortho-App for Android phones...
It also works on Iphones
and RSS.
It has the readings for the day and the Saints of the day.
This one is old calendar.
I've been using it since January and really appreciate it!
I have new incentive to learn more about
knitting since I have gotten this book.
Some lovely things in it... 

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debby emadian said...

I love garter stitch and this is a lovely colour I love greys and blues. It's nice to knit for little ones as the knitting grows so quickly.

Happy knitting'