Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bright Wednesday

Another way I decorated for the
Bright Season
is using this lovely table runner that
Mr. Husband's Grandmother made.
So lovely and festive! 

I put out the icon of
St. Nicholas, Raphael and Irene
on display as well as
they are commemorated on Bright Tuesday.
See here for a wonderful story of how
a young teenage boy was saved by them
after being severely injured on a motorbike accident.
My small icon of them is from the
Greek monastery Mr. Husband and I love in

So glad for this beautiful embroidery from
Mr. Husband's Grandmother;
having things passed down to us is such a special thing.

We got this lovely Pascha card!

Mr. Husband stayed home today ~
there was a flash flood warning for this part of NJ earlier this AM;
sadly Mr. Husband woke up with a sinus cold
and we are drinking lots of water, teas and I made
chicken soup for lunch.
It was the easiest soup I've made
as I had been given the chicken broth by a
caring friend from church,
had the rice made already
and the chicken I cut up from the nice
meal Mr. Husband and I had at restaurant on
Bright Monday.
I am still really tired and am trying to rest up.
A dear friend sent me an email about when she had mono
and that it took time to get better
and reminded me to keep pacing myself and rest.
Pascha was such a wonderful time.
I miss it already!
Yet it is still bright week and that is so wonderful!
This blog has had so many wonderful
posts for Bright Week.
I am loving that we get to sing
Christ is Risen
for our prayers this week!

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Anna said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog today! I do hate to inform you that I accidentally clicked delete when moderating comments! Thank you for reading along and taking time to comment. Brightened my day!