Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dinner ~ Lasagna

Tonight I cooked up a
meat sauce and added the
Fia sauce to it.

It was fun to make.
I love being creative in the kitchen!

I had ordered ricotta goat cheese for it
and read the above recipe
(from Mark Bittman's how to cook everything)
wrong and only had 1 cup total of ricotta cheese.
So used tons of mozzarella in the middle with a little
ricotta cheese/layer.
I used sharp cheddar for the top layer.

Then there was that moment
when I saw bit of smoke coming through the stove top.
Filled it too full,
forgot to drain the meat
(did so afterwards by spooning it out)
and it spilled over.
Thankfully I have a patient husband.

It turned out well!
The flavours of the fia sauce and using the
Basic Italiano meat sauce recipe
(using the fia sauce in place of the tomato sauce
works wonderfully!).
There was lots of left overs that we froze
and some we put in the fridge for later.


Martha said...

It sounds scrumptious...we ♥ lasagna! Only homemade. There are so many varieties you can make, zucchini, spinach, sausage, ground beef, or no meat, even just cheesey is so good, too.

elizabeth said...

Thanks! It was great! Yes, I will have to try more varieties as time goes on!