Sunday, May 19, 2013

Late Saturday Night ... Sunday is coming!

When I was a teen I watched a video
I think it was an African American Pastor speaking...
about Sunday is a-coming,
the day of the Resurrection.

Life-Giving Spring and Guardian Angel.
Mr. Husband and I were talking about icons
and how I think it is so important for icons to be in
one's home and for kids to have some too,
for their room.
The first icon Mr. Husband and I bought together,
before we were married,
for my godson was the icon of the
Guardian Angel.

The Icon of Pascha,
Christ's Resurrection.
I love looking at this icon;
it has very rich colours
and speaks to us of the
hope beyond all hope,
the defeat of death,
the defeat of despair,
the defeat of hell itself. 

St. Nektarios.
This book
St. Nektarios - the Saint of our Century
is a wonderful read.
I knew one prayerful woman who once told me that
she re-reads this book all the time...
I just started the first chapter of 

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: 

The Monastic Ideal: 

Vol. 1 - The Later Life of the Saint 

and the Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent

by Cleopas Strongylis - Translated by Christopher Tripoulas.

Found here.
I got Volume 1 and also Volume 2 at my church in Ottawa in January.

Volume 2 is

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: 

The Monastic Ideal: Volume 2 - The Catechetical Letters

Cleopas Strongylis - Translated by Christopher Tripoulas

 Found here.
It is wonderful that we have Saints like St. Nektarios to
intercede for us, for the ill especially.
I was recently counselled to not despair when things
seem discouraging or that we are mired down
in the things that are heavy and hard.
God is with us,
we must not give up hope;
God loves us,
sinners though we be.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The children all have icons in their bedrooms; only the bathroom does not have an icon.