Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life and what is needful

Later I was telling Mr. Husband about this
and about Metropolitan Anthony's book
courage to pray
which began a new life and opened new worlds to me.

I read this book over and over when I was
new to Orthodoxy and
as I was far away from home
and my first church in BC.
It instructed and comforted me.

So I pulled it off the shelf
and intend on starting a re-read of it.
It is time.

Mat. Anna blogged a piece that speaks to
what our life can be.
and then so soon after I came across
another blog asking
what do we want of life?
Each of us must answer this.
A new baby was born to a newer friend of mine.
So happy.
She one day will have to answer this question also.
In truth,
we are always asked and always answering.
In big and little ways.
Lord help us.
This prayer one realizes with time is vital to us here in this time:
Lord save us whether we want it or not.


Martha said...

Pretty roses...I ♥ the yellow. Your friend's brown shawl is amazing! And her spiritual ponderings are thought-provoking. We will be upon Pentecost before you know it, I've never heard an analysis like that, but I like it. Reflecting on life a little more.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for your comment Martha...

it is a pretty popular blog ~ it's a Catholic one ~ so the ideas there will be more of that nature ~ it was the story of how her spiritual life began in her adult world that made me think to link up to it, as my life in a lot of ways began with reading Met. Anthony's book....

so would take her theology to be Catholic and enjoy her as such :)