Thursday, May 23, 2013

Progress for three projects

My yarn came!
The Lord is merciful ~ I have reasons for
wanting this new shipment for some things that need to be done
soon and will have a lot of time to work on them
in the near future,
so I am SO GLAD that it came so quickly!

I am almost done with my
Easter Baby Blanket
and will be casting on for another right

I got this wool for future projects.
A thin cream coloured wool.

Lots of colours for my yarn quilt.
I am getting pretty excited for this quilt!
I am hoping it will be a very
multi-coloured blanket for a loved
almost 5 year old.
Two more skeins and this one will be done.
For those in the States this weekend is a long weekend;
if I was still living in Canada it would of been last weekend...

What are you hoping to do for this weekend?

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