Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bright Thursday

Still recovering from last night.
When I switched my red lampadas for clear
for Pascha and the Bright Season
I put all the oil in the old lampadas
in this jar.
I used layers of cheesecloth to strain the
oil through as black burnt wick pieces
were in many of the lampadas.

Somehow it seems lovely to be able to reuse
oil in this way...

I am still really tired
and Mr. Husband is home again today
as to not spread his cold at work.
Thankfully he can work at home.

I am slowly using up all the old oil.

So wonderful to have these icons of Pascha with us.
I am still so tired that even
lampada lighting is taking some time.
My broken egg.
I still hope to fix it.
I am wondering if cotton balls inside would work.
Any thoughts?
Regardless of the normal ups and downs of life,
Christ is Risen
and His Mercy does not leave us...


matushka constantina said...

Christ is Risen!

We had a large Pascha egg my husband got in Romania but it feel out of our bookself once and broke. We were really disappointed since my poor husband had flown all the way from Romania to Greece holding it in his hands. I wanted to bring the pieces back to Canada but didn't think they'd survive.

elizabeth said...

Mat. C ~ oh how sad :(