Thursday, December 13, 2018

St Herman of Alaska, Lunch/Brunch + tea, present wrapping and dinner making...

Today was a fish day on both Orthodox calendars
and since some substitute egg for fish here,
I had the 'vegetarian weekday breakfast' as did the friend
that I visited after liturgy!
We figured out that come January we will have known each other 20 years!
So that was nice and good to get out!
I wrapped presents later, and made a quick red pasta for dinner,
using the rest of the 28oz tin of Italian plum tomatoes that I used for the soup
I made yesterday, to great success... I plan on DV having more of the soup tomorrow! 
(Also half of the wine in my glass is now in fridge, I am a very light wine drinker!)
Oh and my IKEA shipment arrived... the new comforter, duvet cover, tealights and
the 6 French Goblets (wine glasses) came! 
In a box that was at LEAST double the size it needed to be!

My neighbour carried it up for me,
it was so bulky... and half of it fully not used!
Crazy waste in both packing and in amount of cardboard used...
All came safely and for that I am so thankful
and that I was home when it was delivered!
Got 2 separate amazon envelope deliveries as well...
simple non-fancy gifts for Mr Husband that I wrapped up....
So, now I have 8 of these goblets and can do a fancy dinner party
with all dishwasherable things (other than my silver-plate silverware,
that is hand wash only, we found dishwasher leads it to tarnish more quickly 
than when we hand wash them!).
So that's fun!!! I am already thinking that I will use 4 of these goblets
DV when I have the Christmas dinner with our Munchkin and his Mom
(he really liked these glasses as he had one at Thanksgiving and 
really liked it... I love how kids are drawn to beauty!)...
I am thinking that tomorrow I want to try to have dinner 
by candlelight again... it's been so busy that I have not had a chance to do this...
I am really wanting to just SIT and watch a Christmas movie, but
I got cookies to bake and hope to get to this!
The time for movie watching will be here again soon :)
Mr Husband helped me clean up after dinner 
(last night I stayed up till 12 AM so that I could have a clean counter
this morning... which was so worth it)... so dishes are already done
and I hope to get on to baking tomorrow.... :)
And picking up my tall boots (been missing them!) with a new zipper, I hope
and such things... I love this time of year so much!
Really praying we don't get sick...
When well, this is a beautiful time of year.... 


Granny Marigold said...

so nice that your Ikea things arrived safely. It does seem like things get over-packaged to a ridiculous degree.
I hope you get your baking done. I have a birthday cake to make for my DH tomorrow but strong winds are forecast with possible power outages. I'm hoping for the best.

shoreacres said...

I laughed at your comment about the over-packaging. I've noticed that, too. I suppose it's partly because the packers are pressed to move so quickly they don't have time to consider how they could do it more efficiently.

Becki said...

It looks like the packaging provided lots of space for cushioning those pretty goblets. Though I, too, have opened a box that is much too large for the item sent and wonder to myself, "What were they thinking?" I just got some Christmas gift ordering done last night. It was about time, I must say. :)

Pom Pom said...

I love all of your dishes! I hope the boots are all fixed and perfect again.
We watched a movie last night and Bill didn't like it and it made me think again about watching Christmas movies. Oh well.
Take care, sweet Elizabeth!

Gina said...

Such lovely photographs. I love all the different tea pots!