Thursday, December 20, 2018

A little bit only for today

I remember when my Husband picked up this book.
and the other day, when he started reading it,
he immediately commented, in effect, about
how those who do 'feminist' critiques don't know their history 
of how women have been revered... 
(we both know this is not as simple issue but from my 
studies in it, I can say that it has been unbalanced on both 
sides in terms of what is actually happening...!)
I am thinking of writing a bit on my own journey through
various questions, struggles and readings of feminist thought and 
where I am now...over 20 years later since I began it...
We will see what the new year brings in terms of having time to write again...
I would like to do so.  Somehow I still have to see if I can get more time
to do the things I love doing... and need to be doing
1. time with God
2. Everything that has to do with tending my marriage to Mr Husband
(this includes everything from communication with him, dates with him,
to keeping up the homemaking tasks from laundry to baking and cooking to reading
books with him and out loud at night also).
3. Building Community (visits and meals at my home, trips, phone calls, blogs, letter writing, texts)
4. Everything else I guess, which would include sewing/quilting, knitting, writing, baking 
for special events and feasts.
Knitting does not happen a lot right now. Quilting sometimes.  
Writing, I blog but have not
published any essays online anywhere since 2016. 
Our unbloggable things has
kept a lot of my days/hours more full and "everything else" has been
"catch as catch can" and I am hoping the new year will bring some 
resolution and maybe a possibility to have blocks of time to 
actually complete various things.
Meanwhile, Dec 25th Christmas is coming close!
May God bless and help each of us in these days!
May He save and protect us!


Pom Pom said...

I like thinking about having more time in the new year, too. I almost always look forward to more reading, writing, knitting, sewing.
I hope you have a wonderful next few days! Enjoy family and all the festive trimmings.

Granny Marigold said...

I hope you get everything done that you wish to do.

Nancy said...

Your list sounds productive and satisfying especially time with Mr. Husband and writing about journeys.