Saturday, December 22, 2018

Not a lot to talk about but Christmas is neigh

I am reading a story out loud in installments 
to Mr Husband, the story is by George MacDonald and is 
called the wise woman and we are quite enjoying it.
Today was a day when I feel that I have so much to do
but other things come up and keep me from getting a lot done.
I did, however, sew back on a button from my red wool coat.

I don't have any training in sewing buttons nor did I look online.
I just did it best I could.
There was a small red button inside and a large shiny button
on the outside, and these had match up so that the small inside
button can keep the outside button stable and in place.
The inside small red button (above) was moving every which way
until I put thread through both sides (after having it through the wool
fabric once) so that it stayed still and then I started pushing the big
needle through the wool fabric to the outside button and from there
sewed it on through many times....

It's now very stable and steady.
I am going to have to redo the top button as well, as it is 
getting pulled out of place and only 2 grey threads left holding it on.
I have LOTS of Christmas letters to get out yet
and more presents to wrap...
it will all get done... all in good time...
Praying for everyone who is having a hard time at Christmas.
May God help us all and have mercy on us.


Granny Marigold said...

Good for you fixing that button that was about to fall off.

karen said...

I try my best to sew buttons before I lose them! I hope your Christmas is blessed and Merry.