Sunday, December 16, 2018

All over the place

Church liturgy at our local church was lovely.
Our local priest talked to the kids after the liturgy about
St Nicholas and about some miracles he did to help others.
He gave each kid a 'bag of gold' at the end (gold wrapped chocolates!)
and it was really sweet.
New people coming to church and we could not be happier.
It was decided that we would do a Christmas dinner
(I was already thinking this but first time we talked to others there about it).
I am thinking beef roast, mashed potatoes, cooked beans, a green salad, cranberry sauce,
cranberry pie, with the usual things to drink, including lots of tea... and hot apple cider...
I am thinking of doing a Christmas lunch as well, perhaps with 
a small turkey casserole
and of course hot apple cider, tea, desserts...
It is a busy time right now.
Slowly getting Christmas letters out.
Tomorrow is a busy day.
I was thinking of making tea but now I think 
that may have to wait until later.
I feel a bit all over the place.
I am slowly seeming to be in a stage of having more friends to 
visit with and am pondering all of that.
Praying for so many right now.
May God help us, hold us and carry us to His Christmas,
and later to his Pascha (Easter) and someday, we pray,
carry us HOME to be with Him forever...


Janet said...

I wish I could visit your beautiful church. I guess if I still owned my million dollar plus house, I could. ;-)

I have not addressed the first Christmas card, but then I like to celebrate the 12 days.

Next year, I am definitely going to try to remember to get some stamps and wrap presents the way you do.


elizabeth said...

Thanks Janet! Yes, if you still had that house, the church is quite near by! :)

I am so doing the 12 days of Christmas which for me is in January! I plan on keeping my tree up till mid-February (40 days of Christmas, till Candle-mas!)

One of my friends gave us a gift with a beautiful stamp on it and she is my inspiration for my gift wrapping now! And I got a nice big roll of kraft paper via amazon and the white tissue paper has been great too! :)