Wednesday, December 19, 2018

St Nicholas Vigil

St Nicholas Eve, Vigil for St Nicholas... 
of course it was so very beautiful...
the lovely White Sister who came is one I met last year 
at the Columbus Circle Market,
I love these sisters so much.
I have been missing visiting monasteries and it is a real blessing to see
one who is affiliated with the monastery in Minsk.
I got an icon (don't have a picture of it yet) of St Seraphim 

I had a lovely framed print of this icon in Ottawa
but I realize I must have given it away,
I think, as I am not sure where it is now.
Perhaps in time, I will have another.
Pray for me, if you would,
as I am having a bit of a sleepless night,
I think the excitement of St Nicholas day + very busy days
has caught up with me.
Please pray, overall, that I don't get sick from the sleep
deprivation, as everyone is more vulnerable to sickness when sleep is lacking.
We are also in the middle of seeing what God is doing to resolve
our unbloggable thing and some things are hopeful again, but it is 
yet unclear and sometimes uncertainty can be hard to be in.
Yet, with God so much is certain,
as in God Himself, His love, His protection, His wish for us to be saved.
May we desire Christ and His Salvation for us above ALL things!


Paula said...

Lots of prayers going up this morning. As usual, your church looks so beautiful.

Granny Marigold said...


Farm Girl said...

I will be praying for you, your church service is lovely.