Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prayers Requested...

Latest Facebook update from Noah's Mom Kate:

VERY bad labs today. Liver numbers are 50 times higher than they should be (they are measuring the enzymes put off by the death of liver tissue) and rocketing up fast. They were 1,100 a week ago and are 1,800 as of today. BUN is up only slightly (bad kidney number) but Noah always has a lower than normal BUN so having it elevated is significant. Bili is up a bit and there are lots of other labs that are off.

Worse of all, the MRSA is still growing out in his urine after almost 2 weeks of antibiotics, AND he is growing out another bacteria as well now. Yes, he GOT a new bladder infection while on antibiotics. Both bugs are obviously resistant to the Zyvox he is on.

The swelling continues to worsen. He doesn't look like the same child. He is still as sweet as ever, though, and he just doesn't complain. He did get teary and choked up yesterday and quietly told me that Mary Faith gets to go to birthday parties and to friends houses and he can't go to them anymore. I loved on him and told reminded him that he's been to lots of birthday parties, but he wasn't buying it - he was sad that he can't go anymore. He also pointed out that he can't play hide and seek anymore because it is too hard to walk.

I don't know how much more my heart can handle.

Please also remember my Grandma who is still recovering from her fall.
She is getting better but is still very tired and has some pain.


Matushka Anna said...

Still praying. Lord have mercy.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for Noah and his family, for you and for your dear Grandmother too :-)

Michelle M. said...

Lord have mercy!