Monday, January 02, 2012

January's Beginning - Peace, Loss and Prayer Requests

Today was a day where I was quiet

and caught up with

various friends online

and by phone.

I found out that my Uncle, one of my Oma's sons,

fell on New Years Eve

and broke his pelvis.

Lord have mercy.

He is still in hospital and they can't do surgery

and there will have to be some rehab for him.

Please I ask your prayers.

One of my close friends just lost her Grandmother.

I am planning for both

a Holy Supper

and Christmas Day dinner.


What are your traditions for Christmas dinner?

I am thinking of a slow cooker roast beef

with carrots and potatoes.

Would love to hear your suggestions.


Today was a bank holiday

and I have not heard yet about the job

I applied for.

Tomorrow is another day.

God is very good to us

and will not leave us

in all times

and places.


Victoria said...

happy new year elizabeth. may God continue to bring you love and joy.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for all your intentions and needs, and prayers for blessings as you prepare for Nativity !