Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Beautiful Saturday

Today was beautiful.
Sunny, not too hot, blue skies.
May at its finest.
A walk, reading, meals, writing, vespers and tidying house.
I got a card in the mail and a new book from my library!
I hope, God willing, to visit NYC in early June... by then I will be 
fully vaccinated... (with the two weeks after the second shot).
The idea of going to NYC again fills me with a great sense of
happiness... I have not been in some months...
Well, one thing at a time.
I do hope things go as I hope (being able to go NYC etc). 
Of course, given who we are, my going to NYC will still be done
with precautions.  Anyway, enough about that.
If I am able to go, I will be so happy.
Meanwhile, I am glad to have reading material that is interesting to me
and between my Husband and myself we just ordered more books as well!
I feel bursting with happiness at the things that we used to take for granted
but are now still things that make my heart happy in new ways,
even grocery shopping near our far away church for 
groceries is a joy...
I hope today had something beautiful for you in it,
a moment's peace or a sense that God is with you; or something
beautiful you saw or perhaps a greening tree or flower.
Or a page or two in a book that gave you a brief respite...
God bless you dear ones, yes every one. 


Lisa Richards said...

We almost melted yesterday when it got up in the lower 70's, ha ha. Wimpy northerners! Glad you have a trip to NYC to look forward to. It's good to be reminded how special the simple pleasures are. Like grocery shopping! Enjoy your day! :)

Granny Marigold said...

You're right. After this is over we won't be taking everyday life for granted. For a while, at least.
We're at the end of a long stretch of glorious weather but that's okay because housework has been put aside while the sun shone ( and you know how we here in BC treasure sunshine.)
I hope you have a great week.