Friday, May 07, 2021

Bright Friday 2021


Isn't this vintage Easter Greetings card lovely?! 
It was emailed to me!
Speaking of emails, my one account is just over flowing and I spent hours
yesterday going through many emails for the large writing project I 
am working on, printing a lot of research
(a lot on Godel's incompleteness theorem and
Douglas Hofstadter (he wrote a Pulitzer prize nonfiction
book in 1979 and seems to be an Atheistic Zen follower 
from what I can gather). 
Why am I reading a Physicist? Well, if I complete my writing project
and edit it (I wish this would only take 1 year but...), I can let you know.
Meanwhile, I am having a lot of fun reading about ideas.
I don't agree with all that Hofstadter believes but find him
to be a science person who loves language, games within language
and he's helpful in tracking changes in thought over the last 100+ years.
It's fascinating how much science/theology/philosophy/literature/music/art
all play together creating lots of links, circling back, forwards, in-between each other,
intersecting or not intersecting but being next to each other.
It's all very beautiful and playful.
At the same time, I am continuing to read Man, Target of God which helps me 
articulate some things that I feel that Hofstadter's views are missing
or at least put into relief, how his views and Orthodox Christian views,
differ and come to startlingly different conclusions about what a person is,
the nature of the universe and of the existence of God.
And this sort of thing, the discovery of differences and a deeper
understanding of how radically different Christianity is, 
is very much my kind of fun.  
Speaking of playful on the Pascha Bright Week Table, I found 
my shrinking Kulich to be really cute.  Here's it's progression over the week...

Very cute, eh? :)
Tomorrow, DV, Bright Saturday, we will have the last of this
lovely Kulich from Holy Cross Monastery and enjoy
the wonderfulness one last time.
It stayed wonderfully in the fridge, all week!
(We kept it frozen in the freezer until Holy Saturday and then put it in 
the fridge to thaw.)
It's thick without being heavy, the raisins are delightful and moist,
the frosting has lemon in it, from what I gather and is
sweet and has a 'zing' at the same time.
All and all, it's such a special treat!
Well, wow, this week has been so busy.
Joyful seasons often have some struggles in them as well
and I am not exception to this nearly universal rule.
I am so glad that at least I have things to do and focus on 
that are not as difficult.
I re-read Gary Schmidt's Wednesday Wars and OK, For Now
and they were delightful, insightful re-reads. 
I pray that you all are doing well or, if struggling, that you know
that God is not abandoning you to face your struggles alone.
Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!
God bless and keep you! 


Lisa Richards said...

Have you read Francis Schaeffer's book "How Should We Then Live"? I'm not sure I followed all you wrote above, but he speaks a lot about how literature, music, art and theology relate to each other and how they are effected by the culture. My kids studied a video series from this book many years ago. He's a tough read for me. My brain isn't very disciplined, but your comments reminded me of him. :)

elizabeth said...

Lisa: my brain is not necessarily disciplined either! Whew! thinking can be hard! My Dad loved Schaeffer's books and I read some of his wife's books but not his... but yes, what you said about what he says is so VERY true!!!

Lisa said...

I love that card! Old fashioned, but not sappy. Just beautiful, and devotional. Happy Easter Week. :)

Gretchen Joanna said...

I just realized that I never ate any kulich or pascha cheese this year! Well, not last year, either. :-( I always counted on having a bite at our church barbecue and picnic, and this is the second year we didn't have that....

Just looking at your shrinking kulich makes me hungry!