Friday, September 12, 2014

Our 2 year anniversary...

We were driving to our old
favourite restaurant with pricefix meals,
when we realized that traffic was really bad
and we may not make the 5:30 pm cut off time.
So we called them and sure enough,
we would be too late.
So rather than stress about traffic and have to find parking
in our old town, 
we just turned around and went to our second choice,
which is near our near-by church...
It was nice...
Unusual to us, they had chick peas with a 
wooden mortar and pastel to mash them with
instead of butter. 

I had roasted brussels sprouts (they were good!
I shared them with Mr. Husband),
mashed potatoes and off the bone beef rib. 

It was really good and we have left overs
from it in the freezer :)
And then we returned to find our 
dear friends left us this
beautiful bouquet of flowers:

And so it was brought in and immediately 
graced our table! 

Cleo was waiting for us.
We had some presents we gave to each other
and cards to open!

The flowers added such beauty! 

We were full from dinner so
we just had some nice 
chocolaty chai tea 
in our special matching tea cups... 

Mr. Husband outdid himself,
having three bags for me to my one bag for him!

I had gotten this book almost a year ago,
with the understanding that Mr. Husband would 
put it in his 'stash' for gifts for me for later.
In our typical Ortho-humour we found it funny
to be given such a Lenten book on our anniversary... :)

Mr. Husband gave me this Holy Week CD as well~
I am saving it for DV Lent 2015!

Most Romantically, he also gave me
We had gotten this one used at the Strand
a while back...

I had a first edition of GK Chesterton's
The Common Man
which we enjoyed looking at together,
reading the table of contents while enjoying our hot tea.
It was a lovely evening!
We are so happy to be married to each other
and it is so companionable to be married to a fellow
bookish person who shares not only a love of books,
but a love of authors and the love of God.


Lisa said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

God bless you both and grant you Many Years!

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary!!