Monday, September 08, 2014

{around the house}: Bathroom is done

I wrote earlier how we had
Thank God we found a good plumber!

Last Saturday they came...we had tiles already picked out
to replace what would be taken out.

The problem was the diverter, which is a small part
in the centre that provides hot and cold water.

Between our place being "new construction" which 
usually means
put up fast and a bit sloppy here in 
good old NJ, they had a cheap part put in,
tile not plumb either (i.e. strait)
and so Mr. Husband and I bought a new
shower-head/faucet/handle with diverter
and it was installed, with new tile in afterwards.

Apparently the water in this area is a bit hard
and it also can wear out parts more quickly.
So now we have a name brand with a diverter that if
it goes out our plumber can go and get a new one 
without taking out 6 tiles.

It's all done now and beautiful.
The tile fits in very nicely and
I am so happy to have a good shower head for it as well.
I love the ones that are 'removable' as they 
are great to help clean tubs with.
Now, finally, our bathroom is done...


Juliana said...

looks great! Bet you are glad to have that finished!!

elizabeth said...

Juliana: Thanks! Yes, I am so very glad! Taking a bath was never so simple :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That must be a huge relief, and it looks great now it is all done too!