Saturday, September 06, 2014

Groomed or Doomed :)

Cleo was a bit of a rascal lately.
She's not listening to our instructions very well...

She's been told many times that she is 
"living on her looks"

So Mr. Husband told her,
Groomed or Doomed* Cleo ;)

*of course this is in jest


Matushka Anna said...

Haha, "groomed or doomed" - love it. ;)

Lisa said...

I need to say that to Henry. :D He's so uncooperative in that way.

elizabeth said...

Lisa, let me know if it works, Cleo, well... ;)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

But she *is* so very beautiful :-D

Lisa said...

It's not going to work - I can tell you right now. :D

She is a lovely cat, and your darling.