Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{reminiscing}: our wedding day, our marriage, our life here

(photos by bryan and mae)

(photos by bryan and mae)

My Grandma's wedding dress that is now my wedding dress...
I remember telling my Grandmother before 
I had even heard of Mr. Husband's existence,
that I wanted to wear her wedding dress at my wedding.... 

(photos by bryan and mae)

The veil... made to match the style of 
when my Grandmother got married, 
in the late 1940s... 

(photos by bryan and mae)

My red komboskini that I wore the first time at my wedding
and now wear on Pascha...with the red Cross also...
the two crystal coloured Crosses were for my Sister
and my wedding sponsor...
all from Holy Dormition Monastery... 
and my now old red and white cell phone... 
I was about to gain everything through marriage
yet I lost my beloved Ottawa...
It took me time to be able to really voice the fact that
I left something... 
but I did, something wonderful, I left
but for something equally or even more wonderful;
so many of my dreams have come true that I never knew could.
I am married to my best friend.
I get to do the church bookstore and Sunday school at my 
now not as new far-away church.
I have learned new places, learned to knit, read new authors,
expanded my experience of Orthodoxy now having,
through my time as a student in BC and London, 
my time in Michigan, my years in Ottawa and now in NJ,
I've been part of four different Orthodox jurisdictions.
(The Orthodox church has various jurisdictions that were formed
by different immigrant groups here in North America; our doctrine and 
liturgics is the same; just different Orthodox cultural groups).
I have more than one church home.
And it is good.
I would say that my marriage and move have widened my 
ability to know and see different ways within the church 
and see all the goodness in each one.
My Dad told me before I got married
that if in marriage we put the other first, then it is heaven on earth.
We try to remember this;
we ask forgiveness; we laugh; we tease; we make up stories,
we write poems...
I am so glad for the two years of marriage
and pray for many more, with health and salvation! 


Anna said...

'Where God closes a door, He opens a window.' Sometimes it's even a window closing so a door can open. Wishing you and Mr Husband a very happy anniversary and many more happy and blessed years together!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Happy and hope you have many wonderful years together! Blessings.

Cristina said...

Happy anniversary, dear Elizabeth! Your dad is a wise person, yes indeed, in marriage if you put the other first it's heaven. I've learned from my husband to do this, as a matter of fact I'm still learning it from him every day, as I sometimes forget that God placed us together to help each other in our path in this world. May God bless your marriage many, many years!

elizabeth said...

Thank you all!

Christina ~ thank you! Yes, I still am learning too :)