Monday, September 01, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ Anne's Room (as it were)

A delightful sunlit room.
Of course this is a bit of theatre as Anne is a 
fictional character and the author's cousins lived in this house.
Nonetheless, it is a beautiful room,
and I love the light in it...
A book I got on the house Green Gables
alludes to how this room
has changed through the decades as different curators
have pictured it differently.
I found it a bit funny however that all the other rooms
clearly have beautiful chamber pots and this one
has none that I could see.
When one reads the book Anne of Green Gables
with love, the life and youthfulness of Anne,
the infectiousness of it all comes quickly.
It was lovely to see this room and think of 
how it points to a book that so many of us love.


Paula said...

The chamber pot is probably, properly, hidden under the wash stand curtain. No self-respecting Victorian would have something so crass as the chamber pot sitting out to view :)

Love ALL of LM Montgomery's books. Ella's finally getting old enough to start on Anne. I loved touring through Green Gables too.

Matushka Anna said...

It's a beautiful room and you have photographed it very nicely! I love the light in it. Sigh. :)

karen said...

you are so so lucky! I want to go there one day but it's quite the drive. Maybe Anne was above using the chamber pot ;) Most books don't address the necessities of life...

elizabeth said...

Paula ~ I agree, the Victorians I am sure hid these - but why was each one so easily seen and not in Anne's room. That was funny to me... perhaps though my questions should of been why were any of them so prominently displayed :)

Karen ~ I am quite grateful that we were there!

thanks Mat. Anna! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I would so love to have a room like this. I am obviously a misplaced Victorian...

Martha said...

How sweet...I ♥ Anne of Green Gables and thought it was based on a true story for such a long time. I always think of my Hannah, who is also a red-head when I read of Anne.